Adult Services

Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Psychological Testing are among the services available for adult clients.

Individual Therapy

The MCC psychologists are experts in a range of psychotherapy theoretical orientations and techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and solution-focused therapy. Our doctors focus firstly on developing a strong therapeutic rapport with the patient. Then, effective clinical theory and techniques are skillfully applied to obtain the desired changes. Please call today to schedule an appointment with one of our competent psychologists to begin making the changes you would like to see in your life.



The MCC now offers a teletherapy option for patients and couples needing the added privacy and/or flexibility that remote service delivery allows. Our teletherapy service is provided by our same providers that provide in-person services, and in that way we maintain our high standards of offering a premium service. Our teletherapy platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant. Our office staff is available to help patients get acquainted with the technology, and to trouble-shoot any issues before the first session, and we continue to provide technical support as sessions continue over time. In most cases, teletherapy is reimbursed by insurance companies just as in-person sessions are. At this time, teletherapy is available for persons ages 14-70.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an underutilized mode of psychological treatment. Therapeutic elements for change are present in group therapy processes that are not available in the context of individual therapy. Group therapy gives a person the unique opportunity to hear similar experiences of other group members. It is not uncommon for people to hesitate at the idea of discussing personal information with strangers. However, group therapy is especially helpful in allowing a person to try behaviors and interpersonal skills that are not likely to occur naturally in the context of individual counseling or in the “social groups” that we participate in each day. For example, group therapy can help individuals increase their ability to be honest and assertive, as well as practice relationship skills that can generalize to their personal relationships. People who have participated in group therapy often say that group therapy has helped them:

· Learn to express their thoughts and feelings more honestly

· Learn how they come across to others

· Learn to say what is bothering them rather than holding it in

· Discover and accept previously unknown or unacceptable parts of themselves

· Become more trustful of groups and other people

· Learn that they are not the only one with their kind of problem(s)

· Learn some of the causes and sources of their problems

Connections Group

The Connections group is for adult women who struggle with issues of guilt, shame, and social isolation. The empirically validated curriculum is based on in-depth research by Dr. Brene’ Brown ( and her colleagues. The Connections group is open to up to 8 women per cycle. Each cycle runs for 12 weeks with weekly 1.5-hour sessions. The overarching goals of the group are to help clients recognize shame as a universal experience, increase empathy and self-compassion, and ultimately build a resilience toward future shame experiences. Group sessions will contain reading material and audio-visual instruction, as well as an opportunity to process the information with two facilitators and other group members. Please call to be placed on the wait-list for the next Connections cycle. For answers to frequently asked questions about the Connections group, please click here.

Interpersonal Group Therapy

Once a year Dr. Ward offers a Yalom-style interpersonal group therapy opportunity. The group is open to adult men and women, and is focused on using each group member’s perceptions and experiences to help each other group member learn how his or her personality and behaviors affect others. Group members can expect to receive honest feedback on how they affect others, for the purpose of allowing the individual to develop insight into effective and ineffective personality traits. The ultimate goal of the group is to increase each group member’s social effectiveness and ability to form and maintain close and healthy interpersonal relationships. Please call today to be placed on the wait-list for the next Yalom-style group.

Psychological Assessment

The MCC offers an array of psychological assessment services for adults of all ages.


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an over-diagnosed, over-medicated phenomenon in our society at the moment. As psychologists, the MCC doctors seek to first establish the legitimacy of an ADHD diagnosis via an array of psychological tests, including standardized, objective measures. The MCC ADHD examination is an extensive process that involves approximately four hours of testing, as well as gathering essential information from the patient’s spouse and/or parent(s). The MCC psychologists are conservative in their diagnosis of ADHD, and patients can rest assured that they will not be carelessly diagnosed or unnecessarily medicated after receiving one of our detailed evaluations.

Cognitive Functioning

The MCC psychologists are able to provide valuable information with regard to memory, intelligence, executive functioning, and problem-solving abilities. Our doctors work closely with our patients’ physicians to provide helpful information on whether a head or brain injury has resulted in functional impairments. We are also able to identify uninjured individuals who are experiencing early signs of cognitive dysfunction by comparing their performance on various cognitive tests to other individuals his or her age. Please call to schedule a cognitive examination today if your are concerned about your memory or that of a loved one.

Board of Nursing and Board of Pharmacy Substance Abuse Evaluations

Dr. Ward is contracted with the Oklahoma Boards of Nursing and Pharmacy to provide comprehensive psychological evaluations for nurses and pharmacists who have been identified as possibly having a substance abuse disorder and/or mental illness. Dr. Ward meets with the professional, administers several psychological tests, obtains collateral information from employers and spouses, and ultimately renders an opinion on whether the professional is fit for nursing/pharmacy practice. If impairments are detected, Dr. Ward identifies what treatments are necessary for rehabilitation and a return to safe clinical practice.

OKDHS Parent Competency Exams

Several MCC psychologists are trained to deliver high-quality psychological examinations to parents currently involved in the process of reunification with their child(ren) after having lost custody. The MCC doctors who perform these examinations interview the parent extensively, obtain collateral information from DHS, and administer several psychological tests. The ultimate purpose of the forensic evaluation is to determine whether any serious mental illness or cognitive deficit is present that would prevent the parent from adequately and appropriately exercising his/her parental rights, duties, and responsibilities.

CLEET Psychological Exams

The MCC provides high quality mental health screenings for persons seeking an armed security guard license or an armed private investigator license through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). The screening consists of a diagnostic clinical interview and the administration of one or more personality tests. The objective of the assessment is to deliver a professional opinion on whether the individual seeking licensure has the psychological capability to exercise appropriate judgment, restraint, and self-control necessary for the authorization to carry a firearm.

Veteran’s Services

The MCC is contracted with VA affiliates to provide Veterans with high-quality compensation and pension (C&P) examinations. Dr. Ward completed his pre-doctoral training at the Oklahoma City VA working with Veterans of various war eras on a daily basis. We are sensitive to the health and mental health issues our Veterans face as a result of their service, and are honored to be a part of the process of recognizing them for the sacrifices they have made and any injury they may have sustained as a result.

Social Security Disability Exams

Several MCC doctors provide mental status examinations and/or cognitive examinations to assist in the determination of whether an individual meets criteria for disability due to a mental illness and/or cognitive deficiency. The MCC doctors also fairly serve individuals whose claim has been denied by the Social Security Administration, and who are appealing the decision with the assistance of legal representation.

Medication Management

At the MCC, no medication is prescribed for a patient until after a licensed psychologist has diagnosed a mental health condition and determined that a medication evaluation would be a necessary and helpful adjunct to psychotherapeutic treatments. The MCC medication provider requires that patients receiving medications are also receiving individual therapy, in an effort to reduce over time the need for medication. The MCC is conservative in its recommendation and prescriptions for medications, and very rarely are any potentially habit-forming medications prescribed.