The Moore Counseling Center!

We are located on a highly visible, highly convenient frontage lot on SW 4th Street near its intersection with Santa Fe. The building is 4000 sq/ft, comprised of a large waiting area, a large reception area, an ADA bathroom (and three provider bathrooms), 9 offices, 3 testing rooms, 1 PCIT room, and a break room.

Check-In Process

Patients checking in can expect a friendly, professional greeting. Our support staff is trained to provide the highest level of customer service and patient privacy and confidentiality. In an effort to make check-in a quick and smooth process for our patients, our intake forms are concise and non-repetitive. Copays and un-met deductibles are due at check-in. We accept most forms of payment, including major credit cards.

Kids’ Corner

Though our facilities were designed to be elegant and of high quality, we have a section of our waiting room devoted to making children feel comfortable and relaxed. There are many toys and books to entertain the kids while they await their appointment or while their doctor is speaking with their parent.

Adults Have Their Space, Too

The MCC waiting room has seating for 20 adults. The room was designed with a large entry air lock, a 12′ ceiling and a check-in window designed to accomodate two patients simultaneosly to add to the openness and comfort of the room. The ADA restroom is accessible from the waiting area, as is a water fountain.

Modern, Comfortable Suites for Adult Therapy

It was the intent of Dr. Ward and Sara Ward to establish the MCC as being one of the most pretty and fashionable psychology businesses in the state. This ambitious goal was achieved with new furnishings to meet customized designs, while maintaining the comfort and peacefulness that is requisite for effective psychotherapy.

Child Psychology Offices

The furniture and design of the child offices were designed with children in mind. From 5′ high light switches, locking closets, anchored furniture, enclosed desk spaces, and maximized floor space, “the little things” were in mind to develop child psychology offices that are functional, safe, and productive.

Testing In Progress

Some psychological tests are administered by the doctor with the patient present. Others are paper-and-pencil questionnaires that may be completed by the patient on his or her own. The MCC has three testing offices which are used for test administrations by psychological technicians and for the completion of paper-and-pencil questionnaires.

Adult Services

The MCC psychologists are experts in a range of psychotherapy theoretical orientations and techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and solution-focused therapy. Our doctors focus firstly on developing a strong therapeutic rapport with the patient. Then, effective clinical theory and techniques are skillfully applied to obtain the desired changes.

Check Out is Quick and Convenient

At the conclusion of the visit, check-out is quick and convenient. If a follow-up session is to occur, one will be scheduled with the patient at check-out, and he or she will be given an appointment card as a reminder.