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Pre-Doctoral Internship

The Moore Counseling Center is pleased to announce the creation of a pre-doctoral internship that meets all criteria for internships for licensure in Oklahoma. Dr. Ward is currently accepting applicants for the internship's inaugural class. Applicants must come from an APA-accredited doctoral program. Applicants should send their CV and a letter of interest to

MCC Internship Brochure

Moore Autism Center – Coming Fall 2016!!

The Moore Counseling Center's autism specialty staff, directed by Jennifer L. Morris, Ph.D., will move their services to the new Moore Autism Center, which will stand next to the Moore Counseling Center. The MAC psychologists will continue to provide the highest level of autism diagnosis and professional reports. Treatment options will include TEACCH, ABA, and PCIT. One ambitious MAC goal is to reduce the wait-time for an autism evaluation from 1 year down to 3 months.

The MAC will be a true autism center, in that professions in addition to the current autism specialist psychologists will be added over time. Speech Language Pathologists will help heal the communication disorders that all children with autism suffer. Occupational Therapists will help heal the physical and sensory disorders that are common among children with autism. The MAC will be a one-stop center to meet the psychological, behavioral, communication, and motor needs of this important and growing population. The presence of these multi-disciplinary specialist providers will also allow the generation of multi-specialty evaluations and reports, which will result in more precise diagnoses and more comprehensive treatment plans. The MAC will be one of the few facilities in the state capable of such a state-of-the art product.

Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Moore Counseling Center (MCC) in Moore, Oklahoma is recruiting neuropsychology specialists for a two-year private practice fellowship. The fellowship will satisfy both the requirements for Oklahoma licensure as a Health Service Psychologist, and the supervised hours requirement for board certification in clinical neuropsychology. Also, it is anticipated that a staff neuropsychologist position will be extended to the postdoc upon completion of the fellowship and board certification. Clinical duties of the neuropsychology fellowship include a heavy diagnostic evaluations caseload and a light individual therapy caseload. Supervision of the postdoc will be provided by Dr. Lori Holmquist-Day, -CN. Please see more information about Dr. Holmquist-Day here. Interested persons are invited to send their CV and a letter of interest to Dr. Gant Ward at

Psychological Technicians Needed

The MCC is currently seeking to hire additional psychological technicians to assist Dr. Ward in the administration and scoring of psychological tests. Technicians are typically Masters- or Doctoral-level counseling or clinical psychology students who have completed coursework in intelligence and personality testing. The part-time position would be for approximately 10 hours per week, divided between two days a week. Interested persons should submit their CV along with a letter of interest to