Dr. Miracle N. Goetz, Psy.D.

Dr. Goetz received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, California. She completed her pre-doctoral internship with Youth Consultation Services (YCS) Institute of Infant and Preschool Mental Health in East Orange, New Jersey. As part of the internship, she was the psychological intern at the YCS Therapeutic Nursery of Essex County.  Dr. Goetz worked with a specific population including infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and families. Additionally, she provided treatment within outpatient, school, and urban settings. She also conducted dyadic therapy with first time mothers and their infants. As a part of her rotation, Dr. Goetz co-facilitated a weekly parent-child group to foster attachment and attunement.

During her graduate clinical training experiences, Dr. Goetz earned her certification in Infant-Preschooler Mental Health. The certification meets the Knowledge Domains in the Birth to Five Standards for training in Infant and Preschooler Mental Health as defined by the California Infant-Family and Early childhood Mental Health Guidelines. As an Infant-Preschooler Mental Health Specialist, Dr. Goetz can support, evaluate, intervene early, and treat the mental health needs of young children and their families in many settings, including primary health care, early care and education, foster care, and home-visiting services. While working with families, she collaborated with parents to increase the bond with the child and to reduce the child’s behavior and emotional challenges. Dr. Goetz also worked with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relational, adjustment difficulties, and psychosis. In addition, Dr. Goetz developed a specialty in assessment, working to identify in clients potential learning disabilities, ADHD, behavior and mood difficulties, and other mental health concerns.

During her training at Alliant International University, she also worked at Sierra Vista Child and Family Services, an outpatient counseling center. Dr. Goetz serviced several programs including, Head Start Consultation, First 5, and Mental Health Outpatient. The Head Start and First 5 programs provided a continuum of community based mental health services for children and their families including outreach and engagement, individual assessment and service planning, counseling and intervention, parent education and support, group support services for children, and case management and referral. Additionally, the Mental Health Outpatient program serviced school aged children. Dr. Goetz worked with the local Mental Health agency and other support services to provide a therapeutic special day class setting for emotionally disturbed children, as well as Inclusion Services to children who struggle with emotional issues in their home school. By providing therapy to children transitioning from higher levels of care back to their home school, the program prevented children from needing higher levels of care.

Dr. Goetz provides psychological evaluations, including diagnostic interviews with children and parents/guardians as well as teacher reports, intelligence, achievement and emotional/behavioral measures, while incorporating behavioral observations into her report and recommendations. Dr. Goetz also provides therapy for clients with a variety of concerns, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Her approach in therapy is primarily integrative, providing therapeutic interventions based upon the presenting problem, the clients’ strengths and resources, and evidenced-based practices. During the initial session, Dr. Goetz will obtain a thorough history related to the client and family structure, health and developmental background, and academic and social functioning. Additionally, treatment options will be discussed and a collaborative treatment plan will be developed with the child and his or her parents. Parent education and support will be incorporated into treatment, if applicable.