Dr. Kimi L. Carson, Ph.D.

Dr. Carson has had a lifelong interest in the intersection of the mind and body, especially in regards to the intersection between the neurological system and behavior. She attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee as an undergraduate, graduating summa cum laude in the top ten of her graduating class. During her tenure at Vanderbilt University, she  was a founding member of Vanderbilt University’s PLAY (Performing and Learning Actively with Youth), a community-focused music and performing arts outreach group that provides free performing arts education to the most underserved schools in Nashville. She also worked on several grand-funded projects studying neural regeneration as well as the fundamentals of the therapist-patient relationship as part of the Vanderbilt Psychotherapy Project.  Dr. Carson went on to graduate school at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, first to continue the work of the Vanderbilt Psychotherapy Project, before developing an interest in clinical neuropsychology. Dr. Carson completed a predoctoral internship in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, with an additional emphasis on behavioral medicine.  Following her internship, Dr. Carson completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital in clinical neuropsychology and forensic psychology.

Dr. Carson’s current interests include neuropsychological evaluation, including the diagnosis of various dementias, the aftereffects of concussion, stroke, brain injury, seizure and cognitive effects of other medical conditions.  Dr. Carson also has a subspecialty in the area of behavioral medicine and rehabilitation psychology, assisting patients in adjusting to chronic illness, depression, somatic complaints, and anxiety with a variety of techniques including clinical hypnosis, guided relaxation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Carson also has an interest in the evaluation of bilingual and Spanish-speaking individuals, with an emphasis on the need for multicultural understanding of the patient.

Dr. Carson’s approach to treatment focuses on the value of a warm and compassionate relationship between the client and the psychologist to allow for effective intervention. Dr. Carson believes in the value of living a full life to realize the potential of every person.