Dr. Anna M. Homen, Ph.D.

Dr. Anna Homen received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California with an emphasis on Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment.   She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Ohio Guidestone in Berea, Ohio.   During her training, she was placed in elementary schools where she provided school based therapy for children with a range of behavioral and social-emotional difficulties.  She worked with teachers and staff to develop behavior support plans in the classroom and provided family therapy in the phone.  Dr. Homen also provided comprehensive evaluations for children and adolescents for ADHD, behavioral problems, and trauma.

Dr. Homen began her training in autism at The May Institute, where she was trained in applied behavior analysis.  She provided early intervention services for 2-year-olds and co-facilitated social skills groups for children and adolescents.  She participated in the multi-disciplinary evaluation of autism at UCSF’s Autism Clinic where she was first trained in the ADOS.  Dr. Homen has also received training in the Early Start Denver Model, which is a behaviorally based intervention with an emphasis in generalization of skills.   For four years, she worked as a behavioral consultant for pre-school and elementary aged children with autism and other behavioral problems within a special education setting.  There she developed and implemented discrete trial training programs, behavior support plans, and trained staff to help reduce student’s behavioral problems and increase pro-social behaviors.

Children with autism often present with co-occurring emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Dr. Homen works with patients and their families to develop skills to improve coping skills and emotional regulation.   Dr. Homen also has an interest in disruptive behavior disorders.  She was trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) at the OU Health Sciences Center.  PCIT not only helps parents develop skills to manage their children’s behavioral problems, but also improves the quality of the parent-child relationship.

Dr. Homen provides psychological evaluations for children and adolescents for autism, ADHD, learning, and social-emotional difficulties.  She provides PCIT and individual therapy for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.  She works from behavioral, cognitive behavioral and family based orientation based upon the presenting problem and strengths and weaknesses of each individual.  Overall, Dr. Homen recognizes that change only occurs within the context of a strong therapeutic alliance and emphasizes the importance of getting to know her clients and their families.